4 Simple Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom

So, I'm a huge fan of comfort in my bedroom. Soft pillows, comfortable sheets and the warmth of a good, well, you know the rest! Lol! Having certain things in your bedroom can aid in a good night's sleep and focus of mind. Here are my favorite 4 things to have in my bedroom for maximum relaxation.


Man, do I love a good a good candle! Not only do they provide a warm hue to a bedroom, but the use of a lavender or a eucalyptus scented candle can aid in a calmer and restful night's sleep.

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2. Soft Blankets and Pillows

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Cozy blankets and soft pillows will make you feel wrapped up in warmth like a mother's womb. Pillows, whether they are firm or soft, can aid in the relaxation of neck muscles so you can rest peacefully. They say the ideal temperature of your room should be 64 degrees so I'm sure those blankets will come in handy!


3. Color

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So they say that certain colors can help with your mood and aid in your sleep. Cooler hues like grey, blues, greens and purples help to reduce stress and anxiety. Or try to blend colors together to customize a color palette so that your bedroom will be a soothing space to rest and relax.


4. And Finally, PLANTS!!!

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This is my favorite because I am a firm believer that plants can help clean the air which in turn makes the nighttime air fresher and cleaner for a more restful sleep. Not only do they add beauty, and are visually stunning, plants make for good company. Sounds weird I know but think about it. You'll never be alone with a plant around!


I hope you can use these tips as a guide to a more restful,relaxing and hygge( pronounced "HOO-GAH"- feeling warm, comfortable; a cozy state of mind) bedroom and home. I think we all need a little of that during these stressful times. Take a moment for yourself to relax, relate and RELEASE!!!

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