6 Ways to Relax Your Body & Mind During This Season of Change

We are in unique and unusual times. 2020 was suppose to be the year, right?? Start fresh, change up some things and make a difference in the world. Well....

Life changed for all of us in an instant. But moments like this, it is a perfect time to re-evaluate our life's choices and find some peace in a chaotic world. So here are 6 ways in which we can de-stress, unwind and work on being in the moment. Whooosah...


Take a relaxing bath. Nothing is more calming than to soak in a tub with your favorite candles and bath products. Drink your favorite glass of wine( or whatever makes you feel good!) and soak your troubles away. Right now I'm loving products from Jade & Fox Co. Their scents are all so heavenly!!


Pick up a new hobby. Learn how to play the guitar or picking up some brushes and learning how to paint. Anything that can get your focus on something else instead of what's happening in the world. It's OK to unplug for a moment.


Eat a good meal. Now I'm not talking about sitting around eating a bunch of junk food all day. I mean to eat a healthy meal that in turn can make your mind and body stronger. It's ok to indulge every once in a while but also indulge on the good things that can make your body respond to any harmful bacterias (or viruses!) that you may come across.


One of the easiest things you can do is to get out enjoy some fresh air. Walk outside and enjoy nature. Be in the moment of space and time and inhale all of the beauty that surrounds you.


Read a good book! Exercise your brain, learn something new or fall into a fantasy world of a good fictional book. How-To books are a great option like- MY BOOK! (Shameless plug! LOL!) You can find it here.


Lastly, and definitely not least, spend time with your plant babies. Nurture them, feed them, watch propagating ones grow new roots and maybe move some around to create a different look in your home. Nothing is more relaxing to me that walking around and touching each plant, making sure they're healthy and happy. Check out my YouTube video from PLANT POP to see my creative process.

So Until Next time- Relax, Relate, RELEASE!


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