Boring Terra Cotta Pots??? I Say No More!

Terra Cotta pots are probably the most used and recognizable pots to use when planting that favorite plant or flower. But do they have to be boring and be the same color and style all the time?? I say NO!!!


Terra cotta pots can look fun and festive. You can change them up to match your decor or add a pop of color to them to bring life to your space. here are a couple of ways I changed basic terra-cotta pots into something special.


I gathered all of my supplies from things I already had in my home. Then I used your basic terra-cotta pots. You can find these anywhere but if you want a link to some, you can find them here.


Next comes the fun part- Painting!! Use whatever you have around the house. I used acrylic paints and sponge brushes to create the design I was going for. I added dots and stripes for a more tribal look and the green for a more natural effect. They dry really fast because terra-cotta is clay and very porous. Paint as many layers as needed to get your desired look!


I used faux leaves to create a more natural vibe. I added jute ribbon and attached it all together using a hot glue gun.


All Done!! An easy Diy that can be done one one day. Make it a fun project with your kids and trust me when I say you can't mess it up! Get created and get crafting! Let me know what you think- Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Until next time....

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