Can't Find the Pendant Light You Want? Why Not Make Your Own??!! I Did!


I got so tired of looking through magazines. And Pinterest. And online Marketplaces for that perfect outdoor pendant light that wasn't going to break my bank. So I decided to make my own. Come to find out, it's not too hard. Let me show you how I did it.


First of all, you need something to make a pendant light out of. I found this wicker basket at my local thrift store and it was the perfect size. Next, you'll need to get a light kit. They have several different ones to choose from, but I went with the rope looking feature because I wanted it to have a rustic feel. You can find this one from Amazon here. Lastly, the essentials. Marker, glue gun, exactor knife and if you have one, a wood burner.


Now comes the easy part. Simply make a circle of the same size as the light bulb attachment, mark it out and burn through the wicker with your wood burner or use your knife. I did a combination of both. make sure you take your time. You don't want to make the hole any wider than it needs to be. You want a snug fit around the seal. The light kit is easy to attach and you screw the boom part on the inside of the basket. Boom! Your very own light fixture that you did yourself!!



I hope I encouraged you to make your own pendant light. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Until next time,

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