Create Your Own DIY Feather Wall Art

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


I‘ve always had the desire to own those really cool feather wall art wreaths. I’ve searched the internet, pinned pictures on Pinterest but I’ve always chickened out because they were all too costly. So I thought, “Why not create one yourself??” I didn’t even think to see if there were other DIYs on how to make them, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard. First I had to figure out what type of feathers I wanted. I found these really cool feathers from Amazon

Along with feathers I got from the local craft store and things I already had lying around my house, I was able to put together a really unique piece.


I started off with getting all of my items together. All you need is-

A glue gun


Any type of round sturdy backing

Poster board



Mini PomPoms


I first started off with a round wicker placemat that I found at the thrift store and attached a white piece of poster board to it. I took my glue gun and attached each feather to the white paper in a circular design. You need a lot of feathers for this project because you want it to be full and not see the white paper on the back. I used the smaller feathers from the craft store to filling the bare spots.


Then came the really fun part. I had an old shell belt and I cut them all off and arranged them on a circular piece of a paper plate. I glued them in a circular design and added a few mini pompoms in the center. Then I glued that to the center of the feathers.


I had some wire and I twisted it to look like a hook and glued it to the back of the wicker piece.


And there you have it! It's a very light piece so you can easily attach it with a small nail. I love the look of it! It was so easy to do and it cost me 10 times less than if I had bought it online. I hope I inspired you to create one yourself. It's always fun to see if you can create something you see online. Let me know if you make one for yourself


Until next time.....

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