Flash Back to The Beginning of the One Room Challenge


So this may be the shortest blog EVER. The amount of times I've had to take 2 steps back on my outdoor space due to sickness or the weather elements have made me EXTREMELY discouraged. My word for the week, however, is PUSH. I'll continue to push through with the things I can control like being proud of the things I have done. Gazebo is up, flowers planted, dining room table with new pillows, complete. There are definitely things I can still work on that don't require me to be outside. I will say that some of the things that I need to complete outside require another set of hands (ie, landscaper) and I'm not sure that they'll get things done in time for the challenge to be over. My hope is to at least get the new light fixture installed before it starts raining again. Lighting is not my expertise, so I've become the expert assistant to my husband! I know my limits!


So I'm going to celebrate my wins and push through to the things I can control. I know that the other guest participants are doing amazing things over on the ORC blog and as always, a big shout out to Apartment Therapy for just being an awesome media sponsor!

So until next time,

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