Hate to paint? Don't want to tackle with messy wallpaper? Try this easy DIY wall covering.

I hate to paint. My arm gets tired and my fingers get numb. It's just not a fun experience that the home improvement shows on T.V. made it out to be. And on top of it all, I have textured walls! Those are the absolute worst! So I thought- How can I create a statement wall with little to know effort?? Thats right people, I put a rug on it!



First things first, I needed the supplies and luckily I had mostly everything at home. All I need was the rugs and the upholstery

tacks that I found at Home Depot.

Next I measured and cut the excess from the bottom.

I spaced out each tack and hammered them into the wall. These were 1/2" tacks so they were long enough to adhere to the wall. also make sure you're not working with a thick heavy rug. These rugs from Five Below are the perfect thickness for this type of project.

I made sure the tacks were lined up as much as possible and pulled each rug tightly to reduce bulging. The result is a fast and east way to add texture and color to a space. And if it gets dirty, you can always remove it and toss it in the washing machine! A win win!

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