Have You Heard? I've Entered As a Guest Participant For the One Room Challenge!!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

So here's the deal- I am doing something that is SO far out of my comfort zone. Maybe that's why I'm doing it??!?!? Oh, first let me introduce myself to all of my newbies out there. My name is Tracey of @mochagirlplace. I consider myself a interior stylist, MAJOR plant enthusiast (Can you say crazy plant lady??!!?) and a thrifter who's love of vintage finds turned into a business called MochaGirl Marketplace. But I digress. Back to the One Room Challenge....


The One Room Challenge is the opportunity for designers, design enthusiasts, DIYers or just someone who's up for a challenge to transform one space in their home every Spring and Fall. It's not a competition (Thank God!!) but a community of like-minded people who encourage each other to be great. I'm so thankful for the opportunity and for Better Homes and Garden for being their media sponsor. So I've decided to tackle my Master Bedroom and although I have done some things over the years, for this challenge I'm really stepping out. This is my mood board of some things that I will incorporate into my space and my bed will be the main focus.


I'd thought I'd show you some previous views of my bedroom so you can get a visual of how it was, how it is and over the next 6 weeks, the transformation.

When we first moved in this house 3 years ago, we had this big, dark wood four poster bed. If was free so it stayed with us for many years. I was also into a gray phase which quickly went out the window. I'm a warm colors gal and that gray just didn't do it for me.

I finally changed the bed frame and went back to the warm colors I love. I will always have some form of wicker in my space. It's just my jam.Not quite sure if they'll adore the walls, but they'll be around in some way in my new transformed space.

I went a little darker during the winter months which was a nice change up. I also changed out the art that I tend to do a lot. I find the most amazing pieces just by thrifting. For this challenge I will be ditching the end table lamps for wall mounted ones. I wish I could get rid of the carpet but alas, it must stay (for now!)

This is pretty much the current view of my bedroom. The major change in here will be paint. I plan on painting- A LOT. Taking pieces I already have and giving them a facelift. I think that's what's so fun about makeovers- You take one thing and turn it into something completely different that you even surprise yourself as to how good it looks! I'm ready for the challenge and I thank you so much for rooting me on. Now off to the hardware store for more paint. I have a feeling over the next 6 weeks I'm going to be there a lot. They should probably give me my own parking spot. Just saying...

One Room Challenge Here I Come!

Also a BIG thank you to Crystorama and Online Oriental Rugs for sponsoring and helping to bring my vision to life!

Until next time,

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