Here We Go Again! I'm Participating in the Spring One Room Challenge


Yep, just when I said that I was done doing the One Room Challenge, I decided that for ME, I needed to do it One. More. Time. This time hits different for me. I'm learning that I clearly don't fit into a category of interior design. I'll never fit into a mold. I might just be the only person who likes how I design spaces. You know what? I'm so cool with that! Creating comfortable, serene spaces for me and my family to enjoy is all that matters. In my mind I'm meant to be on the pages of AD or some other magazine. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. My beholder. So, with all of that, let me show you how I plan to upgrade this backyard space that we worked on last year but never "really" finished it the way I wanted.


Last Year's Backyard Space

Last year we decided to upgrade our backyard space with pavers that extended out to a outdoor fire pit. I was so happy with the outcome and I added touches that made a huge improvement to the space. Unfortunately, we have absolutely NO shade in our backyard so staying out here was always at a minimum. Here's some ideas of my vision for the new space.↓

My Mood Board for my Backyard

New Gazebo, a mini bar, additional shade (not pictured), privacy wall and a cool rock garden. Of course there will be plants a plenty and beautiful prints and textures. Thank you so much to the One Room Challenge, Apartment Therapy and all of the sponsors who are participating. Also, make sure you check back weekly on the blog to see all of the transformations the designers and guest participants are doing in their spaces.

So until next time....

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