How I Care For My Plants During The Winter

Happy December! I cannot believe that we are in the final month of 2021. I was just getting used to writing 2021 and now it will be all about 2022. Oh well- As this year winds down, it's important to me to make sure that I do everything I can do to make my plants stay as healthy and happy through the winter as they possibly can. I follow these steps mostly because of climate and temperature. Your home goes through several changes during the winter months, so your plants will need to adjust. As long as you provide them with a healthy atmosphere, your plants should and will be fine.

One of the main things I do during the winter months is making sure I give my plants proper nourishment. I normally give my plants a weaker version of what I use during the Spring and Summer months and I don't water as often as I would in the warmer months. I recently stumbled onto a great plant fertilizer from Happy Happy Houseplant. You can find it here.

Another favorite of mine is from Neptunes Harvest from