How I Created an Eye-Catching Shelfie💚

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

A while back, I thought there was a “right way” to decorate a shelf. Like there was some format or a blueprint on how to make it look great. But what I’ve learned over time is that creating beautiful content on your shelves are all a matter of your personal style. Some go for the minimalistic route while others pile on the collection of their favorite things. I love to house my shelves with things that bring me joy- plants and vintage thrifted finds.


Each shelf of this bookcase is filled with pieces that bring me joy and I wanted to have depth and balance so adding books and plants really made it look full but not crowded.


I found some really cool thrifted bookends that had the perfect colors to compliment the green of the plants. I also used large and small plants to give each shelf character. You can also use a variety of books as well. I used hardbacks and paperbacks to add as fillers.


Plants always add color and life to a space, wouldn’t you agree?? I’m really enjoying how the green heart leaf Philodendron trails down to the second shelf. The pop of the lemon lime Philodendron adds brightness and you are instantly drawn to it. The hardback books are not only for looks, but can also be used to give an item height.


When I found these cool vintage Reader’s Digest books, I fell in love with them mostly because of their covers! Each one has a unique design and they were the perfect color to go along with this cool piece of coral. Bookshelves can house memories and parts of your childhood that hold a special place in your heart. I grew up in a state where I spent a lot of time at the beach when I was a teenager and I collected a lot of shells and coral so this piece always brings a smile to my face. Your “Shelfie” can be whatever you wish for it to be. As long as you are able to see everything and create balance on each shelf, house whatever makes you feel good on them.

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