How I Created This Cool Pillow without a Sewing Machine using Spoonflower Recycled Canvas Fabric

I will be the first to say that I'm not a sewer. In fact, I just recently got a sewing machine. So as a Spoonflower Ambassador, the opportunity came up for me to try out the new launch of Spoonflowers Recycled Canvas line, I thought, "Hey, why not make a pillow and let me see if I can do it without sewing it". After watching tons of videos on YouTube, I created this cool pillow without one stitch! Wanna see how I did it?? Let me show you.


First off, let's talk supplies. All you need is a pillow form or stuffing, ruler(or tape measure), a pencil or fabric marker, scissors, a iron(not pictured), fabric glue and of course, FABRIC!! I'm using this beautiful Recycled Canvas from Spoonflower.

Recycled Canvas is a 100% polyester fabric offering a smooth drape, soft hand and radiant color

saturation with a subtle luster. Featuring 50% REPREVE ® high-quality recycled fiber that helps

conserve energy and natural resources, each yard or meter of this performance fabric is made from 10

recycled bottles. I love that this fabric is made out of recycled products which makes it even better for the environment! This fabric is truly made for the good of tomorrow. This durable fabric is also great to use as an outdoor fabric for cushions as well. I picked this beautiful Spoonflower print from my friend Katie Kortman called "The leaves are falling"


Next comes measuring. I used this format for a 20x20 pillow form or use this example using a 16x16 pillow form. I only used about a yard and a half of fabric for this pillow and this format shows how you would measure the back side of the pillow fabric. The front side you cut to the size of your pillow form (example- 20x20 all around) Now the back side is where you would use this format. The width would be the same as the front 20" and the height would use this format- 20+6÷2 = your height which is 13. Cut 2 pieces of fabric in this size for the back of the pillow.


Next you take your iron on medium setting and fold over one of the long sides that you cut for the back of the pillow about a half of an inch and make a crease. Repeat to make 2 folds and repeat the process on the other piece of the back part of the pillow. Once you've folded them both over and ironed them down, you want to take your glue and glue them completely glue down with fabric glue.


Now remember, make sure to glue on the BACKSIDE of the fabric!! Make sure to overlap the back 2 pieces. This is a pillow that you'll be flipping and pulling the right side out so don't get confused! Glue all around the edges and let it completely dry.

Once it's dry, simply pull the insides out and, Voila!! You have made yourself a pillow!! Add you pillow form or stuffing- I prefer to use a form for this type of cover because the back side is a tuck over and you don't want foam falling out!


Check out my pillow alongside two other fabulous Recycled Canvas printed pillows from Spoonflower. Beautiful patterns created by-

Green linen- @pennycandyhm

Mushroom print- wren_leyland

The leaves are falling- @katiekortmanart


I hope this tutorial was easy to follow. Let me know in the comments below if you're thinking about trying it or if you've made one before. I'd love to hear about it!

Until next time,

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