I Call it "The Green Room"


It was never my intention for this room to be green. I'm not even sure green is my favorite color. What I DO know is that this room was meant to be green. Nature has staked its claim on it and I'm rolling with it. That's usually what happens, right? You find that one piece and then you work your magic around it. For me it was the green velvet comforter. This beautiful comforter from Opalhouse for Target really set the mood in this bedroom and I must say that my granddaughter who currently resides in this space, absolutely LOVES it! Let's check out all of the other features that make this room a green oasis!!


Another main part of this room is the wall color. I'm usually a fly by the seat of my pants girl which simply means that the first color I see, if I like it, I'm getting it. There's no trying out samples for this girl. I usually just wing it and most of the time it turns out great( except for my hallway mural. That's a whole nother story!) Anyways, this color is from Glidden "Castle Stone".

I get so many questions about my headboard. The one thing I like to do in all of my bedrooms is to create headboards that are items that aren't originally meant for that purpose. This vintage carved wood piece is a room divider! It had definitely seen its day and just made sense to prop it up against the wall. I think it works. Faux foliage can be found on Amazon.


Light Fixture?? A Marketplace find. I almost passed it up but I revisited it and it turned out to be the perfect fit for this space. You can find one similar here.


And finally, what's a room revamp without a little DIY?? I made this feathered wall hanging using shells, an old round placemat and feathers from the craft store. Check out my previous post on how I created this easy DIY.


Well I'm happy to say that this room is "Braelyn Approved" and I'm glad she feels like she's in the forrest. With all of the stuffed animals she has in here, she should!!!

Until next time,

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