I've Partnered with Spoonflower To Create A Fun Dining Room Refresh!!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


I've been wanting to make a change to my dining room table for some time now but I was never quite sure as to what type of fabric I wanted to use. So when Spoonflower reached out to me to try their new Belgian Linen line, it all just came together to create a fun and whimsical change and I'm so happy as to how it turned out! It was so easy to reupholster these chairs- Wanna see how I did it?? Let's go!!!!!!


So I started out with these simple pieces. The fabric I used from Spoonflower is from their new line of 100% Belgian Linen fabric. What I love about this material is that it is so versatile and the texture makes any print stand out . It's hypoallergenic and stronger than cotton which is perfect because they will be getting a lot of bottom use! Lol! This fabric will also soften over time which also made for a perfect candidate for chairs. It's a medium weight fabric which made for easy stretching over the cushions. I found the perfect print from their amazing and talented artists and Daria Nokso's "Terra-cotta Floral" was the perfect choice. I removed the old fabric and staples from the cushions using pliers and a flat edged screwdriver (and boy were there A LOT of staples!!) and then I cut the fabric 2" inches in diameter bigger than the cushions so there was enough to fold over. I added batting (only if you need it) and then stapled the new fabric into place.


For a whimsical touch, I made tassels out of yarn and attached them to the backside of the cushions.

And there you have it!! I'm so pleased as to how it turned out- Spoonflower uses amazing artists and creators to make one of a kind prints and you can choose whichever type of fabric you like. I'm really loving the Belgian Linen and I love how vibrant the colors ares. Sometimes all it takes is just a small, simple change to make a dramatic effect in a space. Whether it's changing the cushions, adding a new light fixture or even adding some paint to the walls, one change can truly make a difference. I hope you've enjoyed this, please leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

Until next time.....


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