It's Not Christmas Yet, But.....

I know, I know, we haven't even gotten pass Thanksgiving yet and I'm already talking about Christmas, but hear me out....

Now is the PERFECT time to start prepping for Christmas and what better way to do that then to make your own speciality ornaments! These easy fabric strip ornaments are super easy to make and using my favorite Spoonflower fabric, I was able to create an affordable way to decorate your Christmas tree.


I absolutely LOVE these prints that I found from Spoonflower. I chose these particular ones because I have a unique theme in mind this year for the holidays (you'll have to wait for that blog post a little later this month!) Each print is holiday themed and for this project I used Spoonflowers' Petal Signature Cotton fabric. Make sure to check out all of these amazing artists that created the wonderful prints I used-

Holiday Christmas Fir Trees- Jac_Slade

Beaded Garland (white on bronze and bronze on white)- Chimes

Snowflakes- A_Spacecat

Christmas Star in Manager Brown- hejamieson

White Pointsettia Sandstone- onesweetorange

Brown Stripes, Boho Stripes- Andrea_Lauren


These ornaments were super easy to make and they're also fun for the kiddos to do as well. All you need to do is get some clear plastic ornaments, Mod Podge ( I used the gloss finish) sponge brushes and I cut my fabric into strips. Depending on how thick you want the strips or how far around you want them to go, just know you'll probably use at least 10-15 strips per ornament. You just need enough to completely cover the ornaments so there's no blank spots.


I wanted the tips of my ornaments to be gold instead of silver (gold is very hard to find in bulk) So the easy fix was to spray paint them the desired metallic I wanted to use. I chose Rust-Oleum in a metallic gold.


Next came the fun part. I simply coated the area on the ornament in Mod Podge, added the fabric and then applied another layer of Mod Podge over it. I continued going all around it until I covered the entire the ornament making sure there were no blank spots. I needed a place to let them dry, so I created this drying station using sticks and a large piece of styrofoam. Once they were completely dry, I put the tops back on and they were done! Here is the finished product-

I hope that if you are looking for an quick and easy way to create simple but beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree that you give this one a try. Let me know in the comments if you do- I'd love to see them!!

Until next time,

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