It's Time!!!

Main Attraction….


We are now in Week 4 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge and I have to say that we have reached the peak in our renovation. Cabinets are halfway painted and we are getting started demoing the backsplash. We got in our tile and I’m pretty excited about it!


Now let’s talk details…..

First off, let me say that I’m not your typical diy/interior stylist. I try not to follow trends and I just go with things that appeal to me and speak to me in a way that I know would work in my space. This beautiful natural stone tile from Jeffrey Court is called Travertine Constellation in Beige and I really think it will brighten up my kitchen and perfectly compliment my countertops and cabinet color.

I chose natural stone because I wanted my kitchen to have a warm, earthy vibe to it. Travertine is a bit old-school but that's what I love about it. I feel like it makes my space unique and not the same as most kitchens.

Taking down our previous glass mosaic backsplash is going to be an all week event to include replacing some drywall! (fun!) Replacing the drywall was also new to us and I'm sure the next time we have to do it, we'll be masters at it. It was challenging, but we did it and I think it looks great!


Then came the hardest part- adding the tile. Being that our stone tile had small pieces, we had to make A LOT of cuts. I mean A LOT!!!!! We worked through the night (4:00 in the morning!) so that we could grout on a timely manner. The look on my face says it all- tiling is not for the faint at heart and we definitely made some mistakes along the way, but in the end it turned out great and I'm so proud of the results.


Now that the tile is finished, we’ll be able to tackle some of our other small projects like our accent wall that will be getting a new and improved look. Next week is the finishing touches and I can't wait for you to see the reveal. Don't forget to VOTE each day and check out my Instagram stories for even more details and I thank you so much for following along and your support.

So until next time,

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