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  • Tracey Hairston

Let's Decorate my Outdoor Table Doing a DIY Faux Wood Table Runner

I LOVE being outside. I mean, when there's no bugs or hot weather. Really, nature brings such a sense of calmness to my spirit and it's mostly because I love looking at pretty things. So creating a zen, tropical dining area was a must and trying to find a way to incorporate an easy DIY into the mix was a obvious solution. I thought about ways of using items I already had and making them into something awesome, so I had some wood pieces lying around and I created something unique for my outdoor table. Let me show you how I made this easy wood table runner.


So this concept all started with these scrap pieces of wood. Not much to look at, I know. The plan is to take these pieces of wood and make a table runner down the center of the table that can also be used as a food placemat. I wanted to paint them as well so I went to Home Depot to pick up some exterior paint.

Next came the colors. I wanted to minic the colors that I have in my backyard space and I just needed sample colors so I didn't waste paint. I gave each piece 2 coats and since this paint is an exterior paint, I didn't add a sealer but you can if you wish.

Before I painted them, I first needed to see if I had enough and I clearly didn't!!! So make sure you map it out prior to painting and attaching them to your table. Once I had enough to extend the length of the table and finished painting (1 color per 2 pieces of wood), I mapped it out again to get how I wanted the grid to look like. I then used wood glue to attach them directly onto the table and let dry overnight.

And there you have it!! This is the perfect addition to this table and honesly it was one of my easiest DIY to date! Really, the amount of projects you can use this similar method on in endless. Tables, backs of chairs, benches, really anything! What do you think?? Please leave your comments down below- I'd love to hear from you.

Until Next Time,

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