Let's Propagate!!


When it comes to plants, I'm a firm believer that the best way to add new plants to your space is to propagate plants from the plants you already have. There are many different ways to propagate- but first let's briefly talk about what propagate really means.

"Propagate"- To spread, pass along, multiply as a process of natural reproduction. In lay mans terms, you're taking one plant and creating one or more plants from the original mother plant. Most plants can be propagated and a lot of your common houseplants are extremely easy to propagate. Now like I said before, there are quite a few ways to propagate. I prefer to water propagate. I think it's because I love seeing the growth of the root system. It's just magical to me. The plants shown above are plants I'm currently propagating- Sansevieria, Philodendron and a Monstera. Let's take a closer look at how I am doing this method.


My Snake plant (Sansevieria Yellow Stone) wasn't doing so well so I decided to cut off the old roots and propagate it over to create healthier, new roots. You could leave the ends like this or simply cut straight across and put it back in water.

My Monstera has been in water for about 5 months now and I feel like it's time for her to move to soil. She has developed quite a nice root system and I like to make sure I keep all of my propagated plants in a space where they can get plenty of sunlight for growth. Another reason why I know it's time to transfer this one to soil is because it's starting to sprout a new leaf. These cuttings are from my mother plant and now I will have two large Monsteras.

My Philodendron Red Emerald was originally a cutting from someone and I propagated her. To know where to cut off a stem that has aerial roots (nodes), make sure you cut it below the node and place that part in the water. The nodes are where you will see growth of the roots.


I think the best thing I like about propagating is the giving. I love to give people plants because let's face it, I have A LOT of plants!!! It brings me joy to find a fellow plant lover and give them a plant from my mother plant and to know that it's now adorning their spaces. If you get the opportunity to gift a plant to someone, I highly suggest you do. Spreading love and joy of a plant to other is the best way to sustainably live.

Have you gifted a plant that you've propagated?? Let me know in the comments below.

until next time,

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