More Than Just Decor- The Final Chapter

So as I was completing my One Room Challenge series here on the blog (Which was AMAZING by the way), I completely forgot that I had a final chapter to my series on my life that doesn't always have to be about decor and plants. I'm human after all and I do have a life and other interests. How my life took a turn has molded me into the woman you see today- complex, passionate and finally, complete. Here is the final Instagram post I did on finding my birth family back in 2018. I really do hope that you take a moment to think about your life. Is there something in it that doesn't quite sit right in your spirit? Are there things in your past that you need to rectify with yourself? If you've answered yes to either one of these, I hope that this series inspires you to step out on faith and make those decisions and although they may be difficult, in the end you will feel good about yourself that you did it. I know I did....


Instagram Post October 2018

"I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow, and each road leads you where you want to go" ~Rascal Flatts

Part 3


What can I say about the end of this story? Was the journey all smooth sailing? I wish that it was but it was far from smooth. My mom died a year after she told me about my father and it turned out all of her closest friends knew I wasn't my dad's but that's all they knew. Next step- Ancestry DNA. I took the test in hopes that it would lead me down a path to discovery but to be honest, unless you're a genealogist, those test are very difficult to manage. So years went by with no success in finding anyone that was high on my list of DNA connections. Until the day in 2015 when Jack Choice popped up on my list. He showed up as a connection of close family/1st cousin like a uncle. I couldn't believe it and I quickly set out to connect with him. But yet another set back- he didn't respond back for 2 years...


Flash forward to 2017. We finally connected and started to communicate on the phone. Jack had a brother named Bobby that lived in the same area that my family lived in back in the sixties. Some of the things my Mom said about my dad were the same as his brother and we were both really feeling like his brother could be it. Unfortunately, Bobby passed away in 1988 but he has a lot of brothers and sisters still alive. Pictures were exchanged and I started to get that feeling of hope. It really wasn't until last Thursday (Sept.2018) when I heard from the daughter of another Choice brother, John. He is also on my list as close family. To have both brothers on my list as close family really solidified the case that I am a part of this family. They immediately welcomed me into their lives as Bobby had no other children. .

Me with my biological family back in October of 2018.

My Aunt Betty, Uncle Ben, Me and my Uncle Jack

Do I wish my Mom would have told me years ago about who's I was? Sure, but I believe that God works in His time and finding out now that I have a family who totally and completely welcomes me with open arms is the best gift I could have ever received. I'll be traveling to see them next month(Oct. 2018) and I will finally get the opportunity to look in the eyes of family and say, "Yea, now that makes sense."

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