My Favorite Online Plant Stores! Part 3

Updated: Dec 6, 2020


As you can probably tell, plants are my jam. I mean, look at them! They bring such beauty and life to a space that you just can't help but stop, look and touch on them! But during this unsettling time in our world, we have become almost totally homebound. And for me that means one thing- No plant buying!!

Well ,not entirely.

There are some great plant websites out there in which you can find some AMAZING plants. Here are my top 7- I've personally bought plants from each one of these sites so I can vouch for them and they are A- OK in my book. Enjoy!


Plant Proper

I was very impressed by this company. Their selection of plants are beautiful, the quality is outstanding, prices are very affordable and their packaging is well done. You can tell that they take great care in growing their plants and I look forward to shopping with them again.You can also check out their Instagram page for updates and giveaways.

1. Planterina

I love this site! Amanda has an amazing Instagram feed, a killer YouTube channel in which she gives you everything you need to know about plants and how to make them happy in your home. She recently opened this online plant shop and sells the most amazing plants and are wrapped to perfection when they come to your home.

2. Tennessee Tropicals

Are you looking for the exotic? Are you trying to find a rare plant but are having a hard time tracking it down? This website is for you! Tennessee Tropicals offers a wide variety of hard to find plants. Make sure to check out their Instagram page for their latest shipments because once they're listed, they go fast!!

3. Gabriella Plants

This is my newest plant website find. Their site is easy to maneuver through and they're clear as to when new plants are available. Their Instagram also offers a lot of question and answer segments so you can ask the experts anything plant related. Oh, and my plants were beautiful when they arrived!

4. Land Of Alice

So, I never thought that I would buy plants from Etsy but, when I found her Instagram page, I was hooked!! Based out of Florida, Alicia has a killer selection of plants and also has a studio that is open to shop to your heart's content (by appointment only). She has now created an online shop so make sure to check out her Instagram for updates every Friday.

5. Costa Farms

Costa Farms is a plant site that you can't buy plants from but it is definitely a site that I venture to when I want information about indoor and outdoor plants. You can, however, purchase plants from them through Amazon. It's where I found my first Monstera plant and I've been a fan ever since!

6. Rain Forest Flora

I could never forget about Airplants! These beautiful and unusual plants are truly the coolest thing out there considering that they don't require soil to survive. I have been a fan of this company

for years, even went to visit their beautiful nursery when I lived in California and got a mini tour from one of their founders! It is truly a magical place!

7. Air Plant Supply Co.

Another great Air Plant supplier. If you're looking to find air plants in bulk, this website is for you! They have a beautiful selection along with plant holders to make your experience with them enable. check out their Instagram page for ways to buy them in bulk for your next party.

8. Steve's Leaves

So lately I've been fortunate enough to find some really cool online plant shops and this company has really impressed me with the quality of their plants. Steve's Leaves sell hard to find and exotic plants. He is known for his beautiful selection of Begonias and his website is very easy to navigate. His plants come well packaged and also gives you tips on how to care for them. Check out his Instagram for updates as well.

Until next time.......

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