One Room Challenge- Week 3\ Starting to Doubt??

It comes a time in the ORC where you start to wonder if all of the thing you want in your space will come together. You've created your moodboard, but sometimes seeing them in real life makes you wonder if you picked the right thing. I'm trusting this process and all of my decisions to use fabric and wallpaper from Spoonflower will all be worth it. So let's dive deeper into my fabric and wallpaper choices...


So the fabric on my chairs changed from what I originally used on my moodboard. I have been crushing on the artist Holli Zollinger for Spoonflower. She is an incredible textile artist and I've used her prints for several of my projects. This print that I used for my chairs is called Flower Wave Gold and Chocolate and I used Spoonflower's Performance Velvet. This fabric is soft and durable and is perfect for any of your home decor needs.


For the inside of my cabinet, again I chose a print from Holli. This print is called Petra Diamond Ochre and I chose Spoonflower's Peel and Stick wallpaper. This easy to apply wallpaper was a great choice because if I needed to adjust anything, I could just lift it off and reapply! I just need to finish wallpapering the shelves and then this project will be complete!!


I think as the weeks roll by for the ORC, things will come together even more. Wood treatment on the walls and painting the top of my dining table are all next on deck. I hope you've been following along and have been checking out the One Room Challenge for all of the featured designers and guest participants to see what they're up to as well. We're almost at the halfway mark-


Until next time~

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