Ready to Entertain?? I Know I Am!

Picture this-

The sun is shining. You are all dolled up and feeling fancy and the weather is perfect. Now all you need are your friends and family to stop by so you can enjoy their company. Laugh. Hug on your loved ones while eating a great meal. 2020 was a year of seclusion. Covid had us all locked up in our homes and the thought of entertaining was impossible to imagine and had us wondering if there was an end in sight.



2021 is different. We are starting to move around more. We are coming out of the darkness and into what is somewhat of a marvelous light. Families are slowly gathering, and friends are starting to meet up (safely, of course!) to enjoy each other's company.

It's ok to set a pretty table. To make your guests feel as if they're special and that you wanted to show them how much you've missed them. Eat a good meal. Drink a fancy cocktail and take a moment to remember just how much those around you strengthened you to make it through each day. It's a blessing to be here and if you're reading this, I'm thankful for you.

"In the rush to return to normal,

Use this time to

Consider which parts

Of normal are worth

Rushing back to."

~ Dave Hollis


All of the beautiful textiles are from Spoonflower

Bench- Ginkgo Leaves by Little Arrow Design

Chairs- Playa Polka by Holli Zollinger

Runner- Boucle Texture by Evamatise

Napkins- Abstract Lines by Louise Margaret

Cocktail Napkins- Double Dash by Little Arrow Design


Until Next time.....

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