The Power Of Green


I've always been drawn to the color green. Not in a fashion sense, but the warmth that alludes from it. I recently spent some time researching what the color green symbolizes- Walter Jones; a psychic advisor, journalist and spiritual entrepreneur, dives into the color green in unique ways. Here are some of his interpretations.


The color green resonates with vitality, growth, health, prosperity, revitalizations, and new beginnings. The Bible associates the color green with immortality and resurrection. I think this is why I feel so strongly about it. Green has always made me feel alive and full of hope.

Paint- Sherman Williams "Rural Green"

Artwork- Vintage/thrifted

Robe- Printfresh

The color green is mostly associated with nature and the very essence of life. With life comes death, and therefore, green represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth as well as change, transformation and new beginnings. I'm usually attracted to wallpaper that carries a nature theme. This beautiful Peel and Stick wallpaper from Spoonflower called "Scattered South African plants on the floor of a Victorian Greenhouse" by SallyScribbling was a perfect choice to use in my bathroom. Completely nature filled!

Pay attention to your dreams. In general, seeing the color green in a dream signifies a fresh start. It can be about a business venture or the necessity to mature and change one's ways for the better. If I dream with the color green in it, hopefully some money is coming my way! Lol!!

Rug- Vintage D&K Renewal

Overall, for me, green represents life. It creates an aura that gives off a vibe of love, compassion, growth and a abundance of creativity. It's seen throughout my home whether it be through my plant life or adorning my walls. Whatever color (or colors) you chose to have in your home, I hope that they make you feel good. Your home should hopefully give off peaceful and happy feelings when you step through the door. I know mine does...

Make sure to comment below on what you feel your "color" is in your home and how it makes you feel

Until next time,

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