The Time Has Arrived!!!

Happy New Year!! Whew! Ok, I'm glad I got that out and I bet you probably thought I wasn't going to post anything this month seeing that it's almost over. Don't fret- I come bearing good, no GREAT news and I wanted to share it with all of you!

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Terracotta Floral in gouache by Daria_Nosko


I'm excited to announce that I will be working with Spoonflower as one of their 2021 Ambassadors!! I'm so excited to be working with this company and for the next year, be on the lookout for some fun DIY's and home decor ideas.

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The Leaves are Falling by Katie Kortman


Spoonflower is a global marketplace connecting makers and consumers with artists worldwide. They've revolutionized the textile industry through their on-demand digital printing technology and eco-friendly, sustainable and scalable manufacturing processes. So in layman's terms- They are a bomb textile company that helps to inspire and connect artists all over the world to create amazing textile prints. Pretty cool, right??


Be on the lookout via my social media so you can meet all of the other Ambassadors that I have the pleasure of working alongside this year. It's gonna be good!

Until next time....

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