Want To Make Mushrooms Like These? Let Me Show You How


Ok, I must admit, I really have no idea WHY I wanted to make these mushrooms other than the fact that they're so CUTE! Lately I been wanting to stretch my creative genes and step out of the box to see if I could recreate something from what I saw on the internet. I've been seeing these cuties floating around the internet, some vintage from the 70s and a lot of recreations. So I thought, How could I make them without spending a ton of money . With some thought and trickery(just kidding but not really! Lol!), I came up with my own version and as to how I made it and maybe you'll want to make some too!


I swear, it's really very simple once I figured out the right type of materials to use. I wanted to try out 2 different ones but the concept was the same. I needed to cut out wood rounds that would act as a base for the top of the mushroom. I used 3 foam rounds to give it height, a sturdy cardboard concrete form that I got at my local hardware store along with rope and 2 different types of fabric. You can use any fabric you wish- I just wanted my colors to mimic the colors of mushrooms so I used felt and fleece. I also used batting as a base cover.


Here are the steps.

If you don't have any pre cut wood rounds, you can cut some out yourself from plywood and a jigsaw. Next, I cut the cardboard to be to the height I wanted them to be. I didn't want the same size so I cut one shorter than the other. I also cut the end pieces because I knew that the bottom would be flush and level in case my cutting was off on the other end. I stacked the foam rounds and attached them to the wood using spray adhesive. I sprayed and secured each layer so it wouldn't slide around. Next comes the shaping which I must say was the hardest part. I used an electric knife to cut the foam into a shape (somewhat!) of a mushroom. I attached the rope around one of the cardboard tubes with a glue gun. You can really get creative here and use any type of natural material you wish. The second mushroom I kept basic and used fabric.

I stapled the batting first and then stapled the fabric. I cut off the excess and then I attached the top of the mushroom to the base using screws. It worked out because they were underneath and I only had to use about 4.


And there you have it! I will say that these mushroom are for decorative purposes only. They're pretty sturdy but remember, the base IS made out of cardboard and I wouldn't want anyone to hurt themselves. I hope you enjoy them as much I do. Let me know in the comments what you think!

So until next time,

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