Week 3 of the ORC- Not Much has Changed

Ok, I know. This is not a pretty picture. But when you are trying to create something, sometimes it's not pretty. I'm choosing to show real life over here people and this part was by far the most challenging. Ripping up the front parts of my nightstands so I can make them look totally different is what I have up my sleeve. The main thing I hope to accomplish in my master bedroom is to take items I already have and give them a makeover. Since this is my first One Room Challenge, I really wanted to make sure that I didn't overwhelm myself and I have to admit, I'm doing really good so far!


I do, however, want to show you another one of my mood boards of some of the accessory pieces that inspire me and I hope to incorporate in my Master Bedroom. It just gives you a snippet into my thought process.


I think the biggest challenge for me is to not doubt myself. I envision a serene and tranquil space and I'm pretty sure that I will pull it off. I'm so glad that the wonderful people over at the One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Garden are so caring and supportive. And I hope you are getting a chance to take a look at all of the other guest participants and featured designers. They're are really doing some incredible spaces!! So check back next week- I think it's time the bed frame to come to life and get it's own makeover!!

Until next time,

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