Week 4 of the One Room Challenge- All about Color and the Power It Has Over a Space

As we hit the halfway point of the One Room Challenge, I wanted to discuss the power of paint. It's amazing how a gallon of paint can completely change the look of a room. How your eyes are triggered into looking at certain spots and how color can affect your mood and also cloud your vision.


I've spent 2 days repainting the cabinet in my dining space. It has changed colors at least 3 times because I just couldn't get it right. My eyes were being triggered by the conflicting colors of the cabinet and the wallpaper that adorned the inside. Not to mention that I was concerned that the fabric on the chairs was way too left for the rest of the room. This picture was the first color I painted the cabinet and next to it is the color I finally felt was the "right" color for it which is Behr paint "Oxblood". All is now right with the world. Whoosah.....


Another thing that was throwing me off was the wall mural on the bottom part of my wall. I love that wall mural, but I have a special wood feature that will be on the bottom so naturally I wasn't too concerned about painting over it. But eventually it would distract me and cause me to rethink my vision because my eye was constantly drawn to it. Here's what I'm talking about..


So now I have a blank canvas. I'm able to see clearly what my vision is and what type of paint color will work the best for what I plan to achieve for this ORC challenge. I finally feel like I'm back on track. Whoosah again.......

Check out this week's blog to catch up on all of the featured designers and guest participants as we get through week 4. Thank you One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for giving folks like me a space where we can create and expand our interior design minds. I know I'm thankful..

Until next time,

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