Week 4 of the One Room Challenge- We Have A Gazebo!!!

This was the week we finally put up the new gazebo. Previously our old gazebo was the one with a fabric top and every year we would have to replace it because it would get ripped and worn due to the elements. I wanted it to be more of a solid fixture and so we went with one with a hard metal top. This was definitely a chore and extremely heavy and hard, but after 2 days we got it up!

The bottom 2 photos were of the first sections of the gazebo- putting up the frame and attaching the roof frame. The next day was the chore of sliding into place the pieces of the roof. I think that was the hardest part!

All in all I think it turned out great. If you want to have a gazebo like mine, I found mine at Home Depot here We also attached it to the concrete for an extra level of protection from the elements. We tend to get a lot of wind and I don't want this baby to fly away!! LOL!


Next in this space is really all the easy stuff. You know, the fluff. YAY!!!


Time for the new furniture. I went with a sectional this year because I wanted more areas for relaxation and of course, plants. I found some cute wicker solar light pendants and I has a solar powered water fountain and new wall light sconce on the way.

Next week, hopefully I'll be able to put up my outdoor sail so I can put out my mini bar- fingers crossed!! Make sure to hop on over to The One Room Challenge and check out what my fellow guest participants are doing. And as always, a big thanks to Apartment Therapy for doing what they do so well!!

Until next time,

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