Week 5 of the ORC and I've Only Completed 1 Thing


Let's face it- reality happens and things just don't move as fast as you want them to. As much as I want to bounce from one project to the next for the One Room Challenge, I can honestly say that I seem to be moving at a snail's pace (or at least it seems like that!) My goal was to have completed this area of my outdoor space but all I've accomplished was the first part- adding the poles to the planters. So let's break it down to see how I accomplished it.


Ok! Ok!


First I taped up the holes in planter pots that I already had from last year and we used 1 bag of quick drying cement and placed 8'ft 4x4s in the center of each pot. We made sure they were level and let them dry overnight and placed braces to keep them level. The next day I was able to move them to the spots were we wanted the sail to cover the area. I also made sure I added drainage holes because I plan to add flowers and the water needs to drain through.

Once I got them into place, I clearly realized that the planters were too faded for my liking. I used Rustoleum flat spray paint in brown and lightly sprayed them all just to give it an antique look.

I also stained the wood posts to follow the flow of colors in the whole area (like the gazebo)

Now comes my favorite part- The plants! I wanted plants that would compliment the space in terms of color and texture. I chose beautiful yellow bee petunias, sweet caroline potato vines and coleus plants.


All in all, I think it turned out great and hopefully by the end of this week I'll have the sail up and the mini bar added to this area. Next up, the privacy wall. Now in my mind, I think this will be a fairly easy job. In reality, it will probably a bear to do. Oh, I also have some beautiful outdoor light sconces that I need to hang that was graciously gifted from Hudson Valley Lighting Group. I can't wait for you to see them!!! The ORC and Apartment Therapy have been so great through each week of this challenge. And I hope you've been following along on the blog to see what the other guest participants are doing as well.

So until next time,

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