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Why I Decided to Become a Content Creator


This blog is a bit different than most of the blogs I do. No DIYs, no room rearranging or plant talks. It's just me- I'm Tracey, the woman who likes to keep things simple and who likes to make things plain with some humor and class along the way. My life has been a series of "What am I doing???" and "Where am I going??" situations that usually led me in a circle of confusion when it came to what I wanted to do with my life. I've always had dreams- I got married to the love of my life, had 3 beautiful children and was a stay at home mom for the majority of it. However, being Ellis Hunter's daughter, I always had a strong desire to own my own business. My dad was a businessman through and through. I grew up seeing him working tirelessly on creating his own computer analyst company from the ground up. Being a black man in the 70s accomplishing this was definitely commendable and it showed me that anything was possible with hard work and a strong determination to create a space for a black man to flourish.

So, getting to the title of this blog- Why I decided to become a content creator. I really had to have a conversation with myself. Why DID I decide to become one? Was it for the money? The exposure?? I suppose if I were honest, the answer would be somewhat. I've had several businesses over the years from making my own soap to organizing people spaces to having my own jewelry line and the one thing that I kept coming back to in my head is that I love being around people. I enjoy connecting with them on a intimate level. I enjoy the conversations and the engagement I get with people whom I truly feel have MY best interest at heart. These engagements that I have when I'm showing you a how-to or some kind of plant tip, really make me feel special. Working with brands are unique in that you tend to work with a third party that represents the brand. Sometimes you have general conversations about what is required for the collaboration, but then there are those other times in which you can build a relationship with a company and have those meaningful conversations and interactions. Those are the ones I truly enjoy the most.

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

~Maya Angelou

In the end, I became a content creator because of YOU. I enjoy watching you step out of your box to try and do something you've never done before all because you saw me try it. Most of the time I'm not sure if it'll turn out, but you are there cheering me on, while in your mind you're thinking can I do this too. Brands who see me and see those interactions are the ones I want to work with the most. They see and understand my engagement with you and are wanting to bank on me to showcase their product. Is this an easy field to be in- NO!! You are on most of the time and you're constantly working hard to get those brands to notice you. So will I tell you it's a profitable business?? It can be, but with a lot of work and patience. I would be lying to you if I said that anyone can do it. It's not for those who hate to be in front of the camera, who hate being vulnerable for the world to see and making most of your life public. The entertainer in me makes it fun (it's still hard though!) and I don't shy away from talking in front of a camera. I grew up singing in front of large crowds to singing in front of congregations to stadiums singing the National Anthem. Was it scary- You bet! Did I do it anyways- of course I did! I think that's what makes a good content creator. You never know what works. You just put yourself out there and be honest with who you are as a person and people will love and accept you for who you are and what you stand for. I stand for kindness and honesty. I create space for anyone who wants a seat at my table.

So Until Next Time,


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Feb 18
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love hearing your story. Definitely not something everyone can do (creating content) you do it very well!

Tracey Hairston
Mar 12
Replying to

Thank you so much!

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