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  • Tracey Hairston

Reveal Day! The Finale of the One Room Challenge


The time has come! I'm glad that I made it to the finish line. This was a labor of love for me and my husband(Lord knows I could've done it without him!) and I'm so thankful for the cheers and encouragement along the way from each and every one of you. 8 weeks of the door being off the hinges, 8 weeks of constant painting and sourcing all came down to this- amoody eclectic laundry room and i now enjoy being in. Hell, I don't even mind washing clothes anymore! Lol! Anyways, I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of words- I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves and list all the major sources below. First, a real quick look at the before...

The Before

A very unorganized space with bland colors and no imagination. After priming everything, we started with a clean slate. I decided to go bold and I color saturated the entire room and brought it to life. I hope you enjoyed my journey and I really hope I inspired you to be your own 'designer' in your home. The most important thing when decorating your home is that you love it and you're proud of the work you did. As always, many thanks to the ORC for hosting this challenge and for Apartment Therapy for being the best sponsor EVER! I really hope you take the time to look at all of the other participants who participated in this challenge as well over on the blog. There's some great designs over there and you will be inspired to change your home, one room at a time.



Wallpaper- Milton & King (gifted)

Wall Color- Custom blend from Glidden

Wainscoting- Ornamental Products (gifted)

Fabric- Spoonflower (gifted)

Lighting- Mitzi

Artwork- Society 6

Door Pulls- Amazon

Cabinets and wood- Home Depot

Baskets- Amazon

Roman Shade- Amazon


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Jamala Wallace
Jamala Wallace
Jun 06

Huge difference!! Got the boho glam mixed with functionality and it's the perfect blend. The wallpaper on the ceiling was a fantastic idea.. like the cherry on top! Great job


Jun 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love it.

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