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Week 7 of the One Room Challenge- Why I Decided To Jump In (again!)


We are at the finish line. Technically, I'm finished- I just need a few little decor pieces and I'm all set. This blog post is a bit different than the others. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I show up on this blog and on social media as a whole. I'm a lot of things to a lot of people on here- a diy'er, plant expert and fashion influencer. The one thing I struggle with is designer. Some people( interior designers) will tell you if you don't have a degree in interior design or have clients, then you shouldn't call yourself a designer. So basically, you're telling people who have a passion for design but may not have the education, that they can't call themselves that. Or because you've never had a client that you were able to design their space, you shouldn't call yourself a designer. I think that's when people start having imposter syndrome. They truly have a passion for something- do it extremely well, but feel less than because they don't feel worthy of the title based on what the world says.

Here's what I say about that- DO YOU BOO. I could care less if you call yourself a designer. If you came up with an idea, put the plan in motion and created a room that truly makes you happy, then that's really all that matters. I'm a designer- I design and curate spaces in my home for the world to see and be inspired by. My goal is to not only challenge myself, but to create beautiful spaces that my family can love and enjoy. It's not easy, but what challenge is?? I think we can all learn for each other and gain knowledge that can be a benefit to others. For those participating in the One Room Challenge- YOU ARE DESIGNERS. What we've accomplished in 7 weeks is amazing, and considering that a lot of them have never designed a space in 8 weeks is a massive feat that is worthy of applause.

Next week is the final reveal and I can't wait to show all the hard work we did to bring this beautiful moody laundry room to life. Am I a designer- yes I am. I design spaces in my home for my family to enjoy and for you to be inspired by. Take bits and pieces of what I did and make them your own. Create magic and create wonderful spaces in your home on your own terms. Like I said in Week 1, the ORC was created to support and encourage people to push forward with a project they've been wanting to do in their home. Big or small, all of the spaces you've seen over on the blog is the cumulative thoughts and ideas from some very talented individuals who worked really hard to design a space of their dreams. I look forward to seeing everyone's reveals next week, and I hope you enjoy mine as well.

Until Next Time,

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3 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Technically you are correct but in many states you may not be legally correct. I call myself an interior design “professional,” thus avoiding any legal problems. Even though I have a degree, unless I pass the exams I can’t legally call myself an “interior DESIGNER.” Looking forward to the final reveal! Yay!!!

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