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Week Five of the One Room Challenge- Just Call Me Wainscot Tracey


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It took a minute for the ball to start rolling, but we finally managed to get some real progress done in our laundry room for the ORC. This past weekend, we were doing all the things- remember my last blog talked about putting up wallpaper on the ceiling ( I did it! It was really hard and you can see my progress on my Instagram page in my highlight bubble here under ORC Spring 24) and then we also decided to tackle the wainscoting. Let me tell you about the company Ornamental Decorative Millwork (a Novo Building Products Company)

In 1926, The Canadian Amplifier Company was founded in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, manufacturing horns for radios and gramophones. A second company, Ornamental Decorative Millwork and Carving Company Limited, was started in the mid 1930's producing embossed and carved wood mouldings and ornaments—primarily for the Canadian furniture trade. Over time the Waterloo plant evolved into Ornamental Decorative Millwork, a manufacturer of decorative wood mouldings and accessories for the building trade. Today Ornamental Decorative Millwork is A Division Of Novo Building Products that has a manufacturing facility located in Archdale, North Carolina, USA. Ornamental’s products are sold through fine building materials retailers worldwide.


Now that you know the history of the company, I decided to use one of their wainscoting kits to make my walls come alive. Their kits are really to install and come with detailed instructions. I chose the Kessler kit. It's a solid white hardwood and comes in different sizes. I chose the 36'" to accomodate my walls.

I decided to add the wainscoting to the focal wall of the laundry room because that's what you'll see the most. We did have some left over, so I used the remainder to finish up the side next to the washing machine. One of the main cuts we had to make was the opening for the outlet. I was surprised that we got it right on the first try and we didn't waste any boards. Next came the assembly. We first added the base board and nailed it into the studs on the wall. Then we added each board, first adding an adhesive and then nailing it to the wall. Then finally adding the top pieces using the same technique.

There you have it! It really was very easy to install- We did have to purchase some additional trim at the bottom due to our floor tile being cut too short and it left a gap. Also, any gaps we saw, we filled them with a paintable caulk. Next up is painting the entire room( to include the wainscoting) so everything gets a good sanding, filling in holes and primer.

We are almost at the finish line and what's next is the hanging of cabinets and floating shelves.

As always, you can check the progress of all the other participant here and make sure to show them some love!

Until Next Time,

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03 de mai.

Looking good. Can’t wait for the final reveal.

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